A New Day has Come.

This week telecom market research firm Maravedis revealed further details from its research on the growth and deployments of next-generation wireless broadband networks.</p>

Despite the bleak economic conditions at the first of the year, operators are  starting to show signs of recovery with increases in subscribers and service  revenue growth.  This was based on analysis from <span><a href=”http://www.maravedis-bwa.com/”>Maravedis </a></span>and its 4G Counts service  that tracks 4G operator deployments and provides details on the 4G ecosystem  from over 200 operators in 92 countries.

The Maravedis webinar presented earlier in the week provided breakdowns of  network deployments, leading 4G operators, applications, usage and pricing.

According to the firm, approximately 560,000 BWA/WiMAX subscribers were added in  Q2 2009 – a 74% year-over-year growth rate since Q2 2008.  The total number  of BWA (broadband wireless access) and WiMAX subscribers was around 4 million at  the end of June 2009.

Based on their survey, 332, BWA/WiMAX networks had been deployed as of June 2009  of which 42% were for fixed WiMAX (802.16d) networks, 37% for mobile WiMAX  (802.16e) networks, and the remaining 21% for proprietary networks.  Also,  an additional 39 operators had committed to deploying LTE networks sometime in  the future.

The number of fixed WiMAX networks were hightest in Europe, while the most  mobile WiMAX networks were reported in the Asia/Pacific region.


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